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Lola Loves… A vinyl record cake stand

Hi, hello there. Erm, can you just excuse me for a minute while I…..   Eeeeeekkkkk! Shrrreeeeekkkkk!  OMG! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Arrrrrrggghhhh!

There. That’s better. Thanks for waiting, it’s just my love for this record cake stand became a bit too much!

Don’t you love it too?! It’s so easy to make – just assemble a few records to a standard cake stand fitting and voila! Obviously don’t go using your favourite vinyl (I was pretty happy to find S-Express in a charity shop for £1. Not so happy to have ‘I’ve got the hots for you!’ ringing my head for two days! It’s still there, manically singing away.)

I had to dismantle my other cake stand so that I could use the fitting to make this one but I’ll be eBaying for another ‘3 tier cake stand fitting’ in about seven minutes.

Now. How to show it off? I’m thinking of having an 80’s house party for my birthday next month.

*It’s 30 days until I’m 30! I get swathes of anxiety thinking about it. Celebrating the countdown, I woke up to a pre-birthday card which included tickets to the David Shrigley exhibition tomorrow (more on that in a later post, I’m sure!) It was a wonderful surprise and I’m super chuffed, although I now feel like a ticking bomb. What happen’s in 30 days? Perhaps, instead of exploding like a popped balloon, I  wither like a deflated one. I feel overwhelming urges to buy some industrial anti-wrinkle cream RIGHT NOW!

Back to the cake stand. I’m thinking I can fill a few record bowls with retro sweets and place vol-au-vents, scotch eggs and cheese and pineapple on the stand. Oh, won’t my guests be thrilled with the selection; did we really all eat this junk? At least I still like rice crispy cakes!

Have you got any tips for an 80’s party you can help me with? Do you know any typically 80s craft projects I can use for decoration? Maybe you have a food, music or cocktail suggestion? Any help is muchly appreciated!

Lola loves… A crafty way to use crockery

What woman doesn’t love a bit of vintage crockery right now? It’s crazy that yesterday’s car boot sale junk now produces as much saliva as a pair of Malono Blahnik’s, but hell, I’m totally on board with it all!

I use my beloved crockery to store a few of my craft bits and find that it’s a pretty way to store essentials, get my crockery fix, and makes things accessible. It really doesn’t take much to make me happy – a couple of doilies and a pin cushion is certainly enough to put a smile on my face!

Of course, as soon as I’ve got an excuse to make like a five-year-old playing tea parties, it doesn’t take me long to clear the craft junk, give my crockery a wipe and pile on the goodies! Cheese anyone? (N.B: cheese on a cake stand makes me happiest of all. I could have died happy munching on this lot!)

I do love my crockery but I am also at risk of turning my work space into a tea room and my style ethos into ‘Granny chic’. So, (and here’s the crunch of today’s post) what ideas do you have for storing all your crafty bits? Do you hide or make a feature of your supplies and what crafty storage ideas have you come up with? I’d love it if you shared your thoughts with me!


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