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Lola loves… Making a DIY tattoo swallow necklace

I love a bit of jewelry and if you’ve read my other blog posts you may have worked out that I also love tattoo designs. Add a bit of craft into the mix and I’ve got a recipe for happiness.

Yup, this necklace includes many things I love and (being a bit lazy) it’s also great that it’s quick and easy to do!

What you will need:
Embroidered fabric with your choice of design
Black felt
Multi-purpose glue
4x Jump rings (1x large, 3x small)
1x Lobster clasp
2x Pairs of pliers
Metal cutters

I made this simple necklace using an iron-on embroidered bird, which I’d bought previously.  You can buy these on-line or in craft shops in a huge variety of designs; flowers, dice, animals, letters. Using the iron-on bird meant making the necklace was super quick, which was what I needed, but next time I will embroider the design myself – I’m toying with the ideas of cross-stitched pendants. I’m also considering selling a few on Etsy – what do you think bloggers, would it go down well?

I backed the bird to make it sturdier by gluing black felt to the back. I then trimmed all the edges with embroidery scissors. (If you do this, be careful that you don’t cut into the embroidered design while you’re at it.)

Next, measure and cut your chain; you will need two pieces of equal length. Drape the chain around your own neck to find the right length but remember to accommodate the width of your pendant, otherwise your necklace will end up longer!

Once your embroidered pendant is dry, pierce the bird with a thick needle in the place you want the chain to hang. (It is good to experiment with where you want the holes as this will effect the way it hangs). Next, hold a small jump ring with one set of pliers. Take the other half of the ring with the other set of pliers and twist to open the ring.  Using just one set of pliers now, ease the opened ring through the hole you just made with the needle.  Also thread one length of chain onto the ring before closing it using both pairs of piers and the same method as before.

Using the same method with your pliers, fix a lobster clasp to the other end of the chain using a small jump ring to attach it.

Now repeat this process for the other side but add a large jump ring the end of the other piece of chain instead of a clasp – this is what your clasp will latch on to.

Then, enjoy your lovely new necklace!


Lola loves… A knitted bow necklace

I’m not a great knitter and can only manage the basics, like a scarf. I really must learn more but in the interim, I liked this idea because it uses basic skills to make something other than another flipping neck warmer!

This little gem is relatively quick to knock up and trust me, if you know the basic knit stitch you can nail it.

What you will need:
Knitting needles (I used size 10)
Necklace chain
4x jump rings
1x clasp


Knit a small rectangle – imagine a bath towel for Barbie. I knitted 6 by 30 rows. Of course, you can use any colour and any blend of wool but try to go for thin needles and thin wool so that you get a small, neat stitch.

Once you have finished, secure the end of the knitting and cut the wool leaving about 10″. Take the two shortest ends of your rectangle and stitch them together using the  excess wool, this will leave you with a loop of knitting.

Then wrap the rest of the excess wool around the centre point creating a bow shape. You can cut more wool if you need it, or use a pretty ribbon, perhaps decorate it with a button?

So now you have your knitted bow pendant. Next, attach it to the chain. Take two equal lengths of chain. My necklace sits in the middle of my decoletage  but you could go longer or shorter. Measure up before you cut or order the chain.

Using your pliers, attach a jump ring to both ends of one chain. Before closing the last jump ring, loop it through a couple of stitches on the bow, then seal to close it.

Do the same with the other length of chain and attach it to the other side of the bow.

Then attach a clasp to the end of the chain, opposite to where you have attached the bow… And then wear with pride!


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