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Lola loves… making felt roses

I promised you a picture of and ‘how to’ of these felt roses. I’m a day late (apologies), but here goes!

As I said in my last post, I got the ‘how to’ from Gertie’s Blog For better Sewing (are you super excited about her new book, out soon? I can’t wait to get my mitts on a copy!).

Felt roses, great for so many craft projects!

Felt roses, great for so many craft projects!

All you need to make these is a strip of felt and a needle and thread.

Have a look at Gertie’s instructions as they’re very clear. I found the trick to folding these is to bend the strip of felt down a 90 degrees angle before continuing to wrap it round.

It has to be said, Gertie’s are better but a) she is Gertie and b) this was a first attempt. I think the effect works much better when using a longer, wider strip, making larger roses. I’m sure I’ll soon post again having made larger roses to prove my point!

Once it’s been made and it’s time to sew it in place, I found that sticking in a few pins helped it keep together — essential if you’ve forgotten to thread your needle already! Gertie’s tip to ‘stab stitch’ is also great one I’ll use again.

I can see endless opportunities for these little pretties. I sewed these on to hair clips but I’ll make more to decorate a fascinator and can also see them being used to prettify presents.

Lola loves… Fabric bird decorations

This is just a quick post to show you a couple of decorations I made a while back. I originally made these as Christmas decorations (I went for a country cottage look which to be honest, was a bit weird in my London flat). Anyway,  I loved these little birdies so much that I couldn’t bare to pack them away.

They’ve now moved to the kitchen and go much better with the décor. I have a thing for birds and love a lot of the bird decorations I see in shops but these sweet things are so much cheaper.

I found a simple bird shape from the Internet and used it as a template. I marked up two pieces of scrap fabric, laid them with the faces together and machine-sewed the edges leaving a small hole for the filling.

I then turned it the right-side out (if you’re going to try this, make sure the shape of the template is simple and the tail and beak aren’t too small or you’ll have trouble turning it right-side out), filled it with stuffing and hand-sewed the hole adding a loop of ribbon or garden sting to hang it with.

Lola loves… Comic strip washi tape

How have I not been using washi tape for years? It’s so useful and versatile. You can use it to decorate cards and presents, storage boxes, note pads, broomsticks, pigeons, dust, metaphysical science… Well, very almost everything.

This easy comic book washi is great for adding colour and personality. I made mini washi strips (more like stickers) using speech bubbles, faces and small scenes and longer pieces that are perfect instead of sellotape. For projects that need even longer strips, I used polka dot wrapping paper in both green and red, both of which go well with the comic book’s bright primary colours.

I have to say, it is a bit addictive and lots of my other scrapping paper has met a sticky-back plastic end.

I’ve done this before using sheets of sticky-back plastic but I recommend using a roll of it as I did this time (see the picture below) – that way there’s no need to measure. Simply peel off the sticky-back plastic and stick it on the back of your image. (Tip: I found it easier to make a template of the tape and trace it onto the front over the image, then cut out roughly, apply the tape to the reverse side and trim the edges. This makes it easier to see where to place your tape).

I also placed some tape directly onto the image (front side) and cut out to make washi stickers that I could use to decorate the inside of a glass jar – this became home for the rest of my washi tape.

Lola loves… Decorative letters!

I was out with a friend recently when we spotted a stall selling letters — you know the kind, you pick your letters to spell whatever you want and then use it to decorate your home. I had wanted some myself but with an already cluttered home, I opted out. My friend though, was eager for some to decorate the nursery of her soon-to-arrive daughter, Annabelle.

But at £9 a pop, she wasn’t keen on spelling the whole name (£81 for cardboard letters, anyone?) and I knew I could produce the same thing much cheaper. Eager to take on (yet another) craft project, I headed to the local craft shop where these letters in their dull brown form were £3.85 each. That’s more like it!

I used the plain letters I had bought as a template, tracing the shape on the card, then cutting the shape and gluing it to the front and the back. (If you’re trying this, don’t forget you want the letter for the front to be the right way round, and for the back a mirror image).

For the sides, I measured the width of the edge, cut a strip of the same width and glued that all the way around.

I decorated the letters using card and a variety of sequins, but you could use paint, fabric, paper or whatever you fancy — and if they are for a child, why not get them involved too.


Lola loves… Simple garden tea lights

These garden tea lights are such a simple idea and are so easy to make!


Simply wash the label off an old glass jar, tie string around the top of the jar and then tie each end of a long piece of string to that. Now you’ve made the handle.

Decorate with a strip if fabric tied round the jar and knotted.

I painted the lids with metal gloss paint so that they match and don’t have company brands all over them.

Pop a tea light in and fasten the lid (the lid makes sure the inside of the jar doesn’t fill with muck and rainwater). Then hang on a branch. Easy!



Lola loves… Blighty style bunting!

Here’s some oh-so-simple bunting I made in honour of our recently betrothed Royals. The nation has gone bunting mad, but I can see why – it’s quick, cheap and easy to make, but looks pretty darn cute.

Okay, so it’s pretty self obvious how to make bunting, but here’s how I did it for those too lazy to think…

I used off-cuts of wallpaper from B&Q (hey, it’s not stealing, I may decide to wallpaper my walls at some point). Using a template I then drew triangle shapes, two for each triangle so that two can be stuck together making the bunting pretty from both sides.

First, I used a template to mark bunting shapes

I then stuck the triangles together (pretty side up, of course), leaving the top without glue so that I could stick the string to them later. I trimmed the edges of any that didn’t fit quite perfectly.

Stick the pairs together leaving a section at the top

Once all the pairs are stuck and have dried, then simply attached string or ribbon by gluing it at the top where you have left it unglued.
Leave to dry again and hang it up! Mine looked very pretty in the garden with home-made tea lights.


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