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Lola loves… Easy-to-make plant markers

There are lots of great ideas for plant markers on the web, from re-writable chalkboard ones to hand pained ones. These are very cheap and easy to make – all you need is oven-hardening polymer clay, paint (which is optional) and an indelible pen.

Roll out your clay so it’s flat, even and large enough for your shapes. Score a mark every 1cm with a sharp knife at both the top and the bottom making enough to suit – I did five.

Cut out your shapes, then cut a V-shape at the bottom of each one and round off the tops of each one too.

Cook these at 150C for 30 mins.

Once they were cool I decided to paint them using white gloss paint to make them just a little brighter and cleaner. I then wrote on the names of the herbs I needed to mark (yes, I should have been a doctor with that handwriting).

Lola loves… Simple garden tea lights

These garden tea lights are such a simple idea and are so easy to make!


Simply wash the label off an old glass jar, tie string around the top of the jar and then tie each end of a long piece of string to that. Now you’ve made the handle.

Decorate with a strip if fabric tied round the jar and knotted.

I painted the lids with metal gloss paint so that they match and don’t have company brands all over them.

Pop a tea light in and fasten the lid (the lid makes sure the inside of the jar doesn’t fill with muck and rainwater). Then hang on a branch. Easy!




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