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Lola loves… Crafty Estonia!

Hey peeps! Well, I’m back from my business trip to Tallinn, Estonia. It turns out those button chairs I posted about were just a hint of the cool things you can find there and I’ve been busting to tell you all about it!

Tallinn is a mecca for crafting, its specialties are amber jewellery, wood-work, felting and knitting.

In just a few hours off to look around, I found everything from hand-carved wooden spoons to felted jewellery and knitted wooly socks. The best however, were giant doilies that’d be great as rugs (I really wish I’d bought one!)

Another thing I wish I’d bought was this gorgeous printed cross-stitch apron.

But, I did manage to bag some pretty crafty finds, some of which I’m sure you’ll see in future projects.





1. Felted blanket stitch soles — I’ll use these to make slippers for my fella, 2. Buttons in Juniper and Apple wood, 3. Cinnamon honey — as delicious in coffee as it is on toast, 4. Russian style stacking dolls — great to store jewellery findings.

Tallinn is small but beautiful; its architecture is backlit by blue skies (it was only dark for around four hours each night while we were there) and its history gives it an intriguing personality.

Estonia is similar in many ways to its Baltic neighbours yet its occupancy by Soviet Russia during World War II also had a profound effect. This is clear in its architecture and history books; 25% of Estonians died during the Nazi regime, more than any other country in Europe.

The Estonian Museum of Occupations in Tallinn, charts all this through video and found objects. It’s a great way to understand the history of the country and the effect of the Nazi regime on smaller countries often overlooked. Separate to this important message, I found the exhibition very interesting in terms of 1940s and 1950s design and thought I’d share a a few of the photos I took   

1. Local propaganda magazine from the 40s, 2. A prison door with Russian writing, 3. Suitcases of those killed by Nazis, 4. A very intriguing telephone, (unfortunately little was said about this. Why no buttons? Was is a prototype? Did it only call one person, and who?) A telephone box with Russian writing.

Lola loves… A crafty way to use crockery

What woman doesn’t love a bit of vintage crockery right now? It’s crazy that yesterday’s car boot sale junk now produces as much saliva as a pair of Malono Blahnik’s, but hell, I’m totally on board with it all!

I use my beloved crockery to store a few of my craft bits and find that it’s a pretty way to store essentials, get my crockery fix, and makes things accessible. It really doesn’t take much to make me happy – a couple of doilies and a pin cushion is certainly enough to put a smile on my face!

Of course, as soon as I’ve got an excuse to make like a five-year-old playing tea parties, it doesn’t take me long to clear the craft junk, give my crockery a wipe and pile on the goodies! Cheese anyone? (N.B: cheese on a cake stand makes me happiest of all. I could have died happy munching on this lot!)

I do love my crockery but I am also at risk of turning my work space into a tea room and my style ethos into ‘Granny chic’. So, (and here’s the crunch of today’s post) what ideas do you have for storing all your crafty bits? Do you hide or make a feature of your supplies and what crafty storage ideas have you come up with? I’d love it if you shared your thoughts with me!


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