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Lola Loves… A good old handmade wedding

There have been weddings galore within my circle of friends recently. We’re at the age that we’ve started, couple by couple, to realise we’re now adults and should grow up accordingly.

The latest wedding belonged to a couple I’ve already blogged about. They had a formal wedding earlier in the year (remember, I made this blanket for them?). This time they had a pagan wedding blessing festival for friends – and flipping amazing it was too. Here’s a pic of the lovely couple.

The happy couple at their crafty wedding

The happy couple at their crafty wedding

It was a very crafty affair. Claire, the brains and beauty behind the pretty vintage dress company, Prince Lilly, refashioned the bride’s dress into something even more stunning than it already was (the fur stole became a trim at the base of the dress and she added tiny handmade fabric roses and feather tufts).

Two other slices of genius in female form, Margarida and Elsbeth, made some of the most special cupcakes I’ve ever seen (my boyfriend got so excited about these that he stole a ‘midnight-snack stash’ and smuggled them to our room in a tea towel. Don’t worry, I told him off for it – before snaffling two in a row!).

The theme of the wedding was a suitable pagan ‘four elements’, so Margarita and Elsbeth made four types of cake, my faves were the carrot cupcakes, which were decorated with icing sugar foliage and bugs representing earth and chilli-chocolate cupcakes, adorned with fire-breathing dragons.

The bride spent hours making  amazing four elements masks, which everyone wore during the ceremony.

The fur stole was sewn onto the trim of the wedding dress to make a trail

The fur stole was sewn onto the trim of the wedding dress to make a trail

One of the amazing masks, which the Bride hand-crafted

One of the amazing masks, which the Bride hand-crafted

Two of the delicious homemade cupcakes

Two of the delicious homemade cupcakes

Obviously, I didn’t want to be left out of the craft fun. I did my bit during the day by styling the bride’s hair (why she let me, I still don’t know) but beforehand I made these crafty gifts. I gave the bride a dual-pendant necklace, the groom a pair of cufflinks, and each of them a keyring. They are really just a bit of fun and a memento of their first and official wedding, when they chose 80s comic book character, Lion-O, and Star Wars’ Princess Leia as wedding cake toppers.

The bride and groom's first wedding cake and toppers

The bride and groom’s first wedding cake and toppers

Crafty handmade cufflinks using polymer clay and resin

Crafty handmade cufflinks using polymer clay

Lion-O and Leia pendants made with polymer clay and resin

Lion-O and Leia pendants made with polymer clay and resin

Handmade and personalised keyrings made with polymer clay and resin

Handmade and personalised keyrings made with polymer clay and resin

Handmade gift boxes

Handmade gift boxes

Cross stitched personalised sampler wedding card

Cross stitched personalised sampler wedding card

I also handmade the card boxes using a template I found here. I secured it with a bit of garden sting and some oh-so-cute ribbon that was free on the cover of Mollie Makes (issue 15).  I also stitched a wedding sampler and made it into a wedding card

Tomorrow, I’ll post on the fascinator I made for the wedding day. And in the meantime, I’ll think of what to make for the wedding next month – any ideas?

Lola loves… Drink, Shop & Do – the perfect place for tea and cake

Thanks to Black Cat Originals for the invite to the Linky Party! I really recommend this place  if you’re ever in old London town! 



As an Easter treat, the girls and I went to Drink, Shop & Do — it’s the perfect place for a tea party without the fuss!  Drink, Shop & Do is a beautiful craft cafe and shop just two minutes walk from Kings Cross station, central London. It sells all manner of goodies from ribbons to boiled sweets and cocktails to cakes. It’s a little bit like heaven, except that I think the cake in heaven would be calorie and fat free!

These three images curtesy of the Drink, Shop & Do website

The lower level of Drink, Shop & Do is a small shop which sells beautiful books, handmade items from local crafters, sweets and ingredients for your  own craft projects. The top level includes a bar, seating area and dimly lit snug room all decorated in a way that makes you achingly envious. (Why can’t my kitchen look like this?)

We treated ourselves to a rather decadent (and decidedly calorie-laden) afternoon tea that included chewy sweets, scones with jam, finger sandwiches, a pot of tea and a cocktail each. I had a coconut something, which to be honest took me straight back to being a teenager – in a bad way. (Did anyone else go too heavy on the Malibu at the school disco?) The other girls’ raspberry and rose flavoured concoctions were both pretty and tasty.

Wowzers, what lucky girls. Especially as the only reason we had to lift a finger was to cram some more scone into our mouths!

There are oodles of lovely  places to go for afternoon tea in London but what makes this place special for me is that encourages its guests to get involved and create. There’s a class or ‘make-along’ almost everyday; have a go at clay modelling, make a lego robot or papier-mache monster , or have your hair styled in vintage pin-up victory rolls (I MUST come back for that one!)

It’s also a great place for hen or birthday parties, especially as you can book a group lesson on how to make cake pops, a fascinator, 1920s headband or cross stitch panties! There’s an early doors disco on Wednesday, or for those more heady occasions there’s its so-called ‘dirty little secret’, Drink, Shop, Dance, which offers DJs, disco balls and drinks in similarly design conscious surroundings.

Somehow not feeling that I’d treated myself enough, I also bought a pretty vintage style ring, which went so well with my outfit I think it was fate. (It was fate I tell you, I had no choice but to buy it!) Here’s the ring and the pretty sweetie bag they wrapped it in, which I couldn’t help showing you too. Can you also spot my newspaper nails? I saw these bad boys on Pinterest, I will post about them soon.

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Lola loves… Giant cupcakes (oh, yes she does!)

Can anyone get enough of cupcakes at the moment? It seems not. Good old Mary Berry and her Great British Bake Off has set us all squealing at the sight of a piping bag and running to the shops to stock up on flour and eggs.

It seems dear Mary hit our TVs with perfect timing – just as the nation started to fall back in love with ‘Britishness’ and the warmth that comes with home baking. Suddenly baking became retro, add a kitsch kitchen appliance, a hint of the 1940’s housewife and it became a craze.

Now you’d be hard pressed to find a wedding or birthday that doesn’t involve homemade cake, even the office colleagues are falling over themselves at the charity cake bake sale.

Not one to do things by halves I wanted to try the giant cupcake mold and thought I’d try silicone baking equipment for the first time.

I had worried that a poor quality mold would make the cake taste funny or at worst be toxic, but after some reading up I discovered that a pure silicone mold is absolutely safe. The best way to tell, I was told on the blogosphere, is to bend the mold. If it appears white or the colour fades at the fold it may be a mix of silicone and plastic – i.e. a cheap knock-off not to be used.

At a meager £5.95, the one I opted for seemed too good to be true but four cakes on and I’m still a fan. One thing I will say though is that the instructions were paltrier than the price and the advice on line was confusing and contradictory. So, I’ve given you some of my own instructions below.

  • Heat the oven to 160 degrees – don’t be tempted to go higher as the molds are large and will need to be baked at  a low heat for a long time.
  • Remember to fully grease and flour both molds (you can pop them inside out to get better coverage).
  • Next, fill it with your mix. If you’re using a packet mix I suggest using two packs. If making your own, a recipe of 8oz of flour, 8oz of sugar, 80z butter and four eggs should do the trick. I added cocoa to this one. You want about two-thirds of the mix in the bottom mold and one-third in the top.
  • I recommend not adding any extra ingredients like chocolate chips – a slow bake will mean they sink to the bottom and burn (I speak from experience here!)
  • Bake for one hour but on the first bake I advise checking after 45 mins, then again regularly until it is springy and coming away at the sides. The top mold may bake quicker than the bottom mold as you have less mix in it. A good way to test is to plunge a knife in; if it comes out clean it’s done.
  • Leave to cool and turn out. You can fill and top the cake with frosting, cream, ice cream or fruit and decorate with sweets. I used a butter icing made with margarine, icing sugar and cocoa.

The mold is dishwasher friendly though remember to give it a good clean as the mix likes to stick to the creases.

I would recommend silicone bakeware to anyone who is intrigued to try it or is on the look out for a cheaper alternative to traditional tins. In terms of the bake, I found it just as good a normal method. In terms of the cake, well, a giant chocolate cake? What’s not to like!


Living beauty without the need for cruelty to our fluffy friends X

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