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Lola loves… Drink, Shop & Do – the perfect place for tea and cake

Thanks to Black Cat Originals for the invite to the Linky Party! I really recommend this place  if you’re ever in old London town! 



As an Easter treat, the girls and I went to Drink, Shop & Do — it’s the perfect place for a tea party without the fuss!  Drink, Shop & Do is a beautiful craft cafe and shop just two minutes walk from Kings Cross station, central London. It sells all manner of goodies from ribbons to boiled sweets and cocktails to cakes. It’s a little bit like heaven, except that I think the cake in heaven would be calorie and fat free!

These three images curtesy of the Drink, Shop & Do website

The lower level of Drink, Shop & Do is a small shop which sells beautiful books, handmade items from local crafters, sweets and ingredients for your  own craft projects. The top level includes a bar, seating area and dimly lit snug room all decorated in a way that makes you achingly envious. (Why can’t my kitchen look like this?)

We treated ourselves to a rather decadent (and decidedly calorie-laden) afternoon tea that included chewy sweets, scones with jam, finger sandwiches, a pot of tea and a cocktail each. I had a coconut something, which to be honest took me straight back to being a teenager – in a bad way. (Did anyone else go too heavy on the Malibu at the school disco?) The other girls’ raspberry and rose flavoured concoctions were both pretty and tasty.

Wowzers, what lucky girls. Especially as the only reason we had to lift a finger was to cram some more scone into our mouths!

There are oodles of lovely  places to go for afternoon tea in London but what makes this place special for me is that encourages its guests to get involved and create. There’s a class or ‘make-along’ almost everyday; have a go at clay modelling, make a lego robot or papier-mache monster , or have your hair styled in vintage pin-up victory rolls (I MUST come back for that one!)

It’s also a great place for hen or birthday parties, especially as you can book a group lesson on how to make cake pops, a fascinator, 1920s headband or cross stitch panties! There’s an early doors disco on Wednesday, or for those more heady occasions there’s its so-called ‘dirty little secret’, Drink, Shop, Dance, which offers DJs, disco balls and drinks in similarly design conscious surroundings.

Somehow not feeling that I’d treated myself enough, I also bought a pretty vintage style ring, which went so well with my outfit I think it was fate. (It was fate I tell you, I had no choice but to buy it!) Here’s the ring and the pretty sweetie bag they wrapped it in, which I couldn’t help showing you too. Can you also spot my newspaper nails? I saw these bad boys on Pinterest, I will post about them soon.

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Lola loves… Homemade Easter eggs. Yum!

So we’re all on pre-summer diets, I know, but it’s a globally recognised fact that festive treats DO NOT count against any diet, ever. And yes, that includes a huge chunk of birthday cake, even when it isn’t your birthday, and it also includes these yummy Easter treats!

When I found some great egg moulds for a few quid I realised they would be a much cheaper, more personal, and more fun way of giving gifts at Easter – something I usually only do for the nearest and dearest as Easter eggs are pretty over-priced, particularly for what you get!

I made these using white, milk and dark chocolate. At just 30p for a large bar of supermarket own-brand chocolate I could afford to get carried away, I made nine in total and used all three types of chocolate on each egg.

I had creative intentions of filling each one with a personalised gift, but then it became both expensive and a headache, so I stuck to a mix of mini chocolate eggs and chewy sweets.

Tips to make a choccy Easter egg:
Melt chocolate in a saucepan, sat over another one filled with boiling water. You could use a microwave, though I find the saucepan trick allows you to keep an eye on the chocolate and catch it before it burns.

Once melted simply pour the chocolate into the mould and move the mould around in circles so the chocolate covers it entirely. You may need to use the back of a teaspoon to make sure all the surface area is covered. Make sure you get right up to the side otherwise the two halves won’t meet properly!

Put the mould in the freezer so the chocolate sets quickly and doesn’t all gather in a pool at the bottom, which it has a tendency to do.

Once it is set, cover it again with white chocolate, set that and garnished with dark chocolate. I used the dark choc to thicken the sides. (A practice run showed me that thin sides equal broken eggs, which sadly I had to eat myself. Poor me.)

Once set, carefully pop them out of the moulds, fill one half with treats and melt more chocolate (which you can use for the next batch if you want). Use a little bit of the chocolate to ‘glue’ the two halves together, I painted it on with the end of a kebab stick. Be careful at this stage as the hot melted chocolate may melt the thin sides of the egg.

I wrapped them in clear cellophane and tied them with different coloured bows to indicate who they’re for and what mix of chocolate is in each.

And yes, one of those nine is for me. And no, it absolutely doesn’t count!


Living beauty without the need for cruelty to our fluffy friends X

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