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Lola Loves… A vinyl record cake stand

Hi, hello there. Erm, can you just excuse me for a minute while I…..   Eeeeeekkkkk! Shrrreeeeekkkkk!  OMG! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Arrrrrrggghhhh!

There. That’s better. Thanks for waiting, it’s just my love for this record cake stand became a bit too much!

Don’t you love it too?! It’s so easy to make – just assemble a few records to a standard cake stand fitting and voila! Obviously don’t go using your favourite vinyl (I was pretty happy to find S-Express in a charity shop for £1. Not so happy to have ‘I’ve got the hots for you!’ ringing my head for two days! It’s still there, manically singing away.)

I had to dismantle my other cake stand so that I could use the fitting to make this one but I’ll be eBaying for another ‘3 tier cake stand fitting’ in about seven minutes.

Now. How to show it off? I’m thinking of having an 80’s house party for my birthday next month.

*It’s 30 days until I’m 30! I get swathes of anxiety thinking about it. Celebrating the countdown, I woke up to a pre-birthday card which included tickets to the David Shrigley exhibition tomorrow (more on that in a later post, I’m sure!) It was a wonderful surprise and I’m super chuffed, although I now feel like a ticking bomb. What happen’s in 30 days? Perhaps, instead of exploding like a popped balloon, I  wither like a deflated one. I feel overwhelming urges to buy some industrial anti-wrinkle cream RIGHT NOW!

Back to the cake stand. I’m thinking I can fill a few record bowls with retro sweets and place vol-au-vents, scotch eggs and cheese and pineapple on the stand. Oh, won’t my guests be thrilled with the selection; did we really all eat this junk? At least I still like rice crispy cakes!

Have you got any tips for an 80’s party you can help me with? Do you know any typically 80s craft projects I can use for decoration? Maybe you have a food, music or cocktail suggestion? Any help is muchly appreciated!

Lola loves… A vinyl record bowl

I was itching to get started on this project as soon as a friend of mine told me about it (yes, admittedly, this is not my invention and you should be able to find it elsewhere on the web, including on Instructables). I was well aware that I would be banished for melting my boyfriend’s prized vinyl, so I did a bit of digging in charity shops and on eBay to find the right record – an inexpensive single by The Kinks, one of my fella’s favourite bands, which was fitting at the bowl was for him.

Of course, all that searching was for nought because I scorched the record into a blistering, stinking mess when, on my first attempt, I cooked it in the oven. Yes, I know, it was no more intelligent than it sounds. Plastic? In the oven? Where you cook food? Ah hem, yes, but in my defense I was assured it was a failsafe method.

Trust me, it isn’t a failsafe method. I heated it on a low temperature for just a few minutes and ended up with a molten lump of plastic, a sense of guilt (it felt sacrilegious, like burning a book) and a need to fumigate.

What you will need… to do it properly (and safely):
A vinyl record – single or LP (pick a cheapy from a charity shop or one that’s scratched beyond worth)
A kettle and water
A small bowl
Oven gloves

Boil a full kettle of water, place a small bowl upside down in the sink and your vinyl record on top of that. Have your oven gloves or a tea towel at the ready.

Once your water has boiled, simply pour a steady stream of hot water over the vinyl, avoiding the paper if there is any. Keep pouring the water over one spot until the vinyl starts to yield. Using oven gloves or tea towel, start to mould the record around the bowl so it takes the same shape. You will have work in sections and work quickly as the vinyl doesn’t take long to cool.

Once you have worked right the way round your vinyl, check you like the shape, pour more water and reshape if needed.

Next up, I think I will make one for my dad for Father’s Day, he is an avid Bob Dylan collector so I’m sure he’d appreciated an up-cycled Dylan record bowl. And I think I may use it as a DIY gift basket filled with something yummy.


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