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Lola loves… Blighty style bunting!

Here’s some oh-so-simple bunting I made in honour of our recently betrothed Royals. The nation has gone bunting mad, but I can see why – it’s quick, cheap and easy to make, but looks pretty darn cute.

Okay, so it’s pretty self obvious how to make bunting, but here’s how I did it for those too lazy to think…

I used off-cuts of wallpaper from B&Q (hey, it’s not stealing, I may decide to wallpaper my walls at some point). Using a template I then drew triangle shapes, two for each triangle so that two can be stuck together making the bunting pretty from both sides.

First, I used a template to mark bunting shapes

I then stuck the triangles together (pretty side up, of course), leaving the top without glue so that I could stick the string to them later. I trimmed the edges of any that didn’t fit quite perfectly.

Stick the pairs together leaving a section at the top

Once all the pairs are stuck and have dried, then simply attached string or ribbon by gluing it at the top where you have left it unglued.
Leave to dry again and hang it up! Mine looked very pretty in the garden with home-made tea lights.


Living beauty without the need for cruelty to our fluffy friends X

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