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Lola loves… A fabric needle case

With a two-hour bus commute each day, I like to sew on my way to work. It may get a few strange looks but it’s a great way to use the time and you really can get a lot done.

But getting lanced by a needle whenever I put my hand in my bag wasn’t fun. It was time I resolved the issue. There are lots of fab travel sewing cases on the market but buying something seems somewhat against the ‘make do and mend’ philosophy. So, here’s what I stuck together instead.

The ‘pages’ and lining are made with felt. I covered the front with another  fabric as felt can bobble and look ‘tired’, and purely for prettiness. To make the cover simply cut your felt into the shape of a rectangle with an extra tab at the side which will be used for the buttonhole. There’s no need to pink or hem as felt won’t fray. Remember to include an extra inch or so around all sides of the rectangle (bar the tab) as a seam allowance. Place your cover fabric (I chose one with brown illustrations to match the felt) face down on the felt with the tab to the right. Use the felt to mark a cutting line on your cover fabric.  Cut the cover fabric and chalk a line an inch in from the edge, this is your sewing line. Sew across three sides only and turn it inside out so that you have a pocket with the right side of the cover fabric now showing.

 Place the bind of your pages in the middle of the felted pocket and sew down the bind line. Then sew the remaining side of the pocket so all sides are now closed. Sew a button hole on the tab and a button on the fabric where it meets. Or, simply use a metal popper.  Et Fini!


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