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Lola loves… a personalised fascinator

Recently, I went to the very special wedding of a very lovely pair of friends. I knew the wedding would be unique and creative and wanted to do something in keeping with those sentiments. Of course, I felt the urge to whip out my needle and knock something up.

What you will need:
A hair slide (the small comb type)
Fabric for the heart (or whatever shape you choose)
Fabric for the ribbon (I chose light grey felt)
Black felt
Embroidery thread in a colour contrasting to the ribbon fabric
Padding (optional)
Embroidery hoop (optional)

Making this was easy, though maybe a little time consuming. To start, I drew a ribbon shape onto a piece of grey felt. I embroidered the lovely couple’s names before cutting the shape. I found it a lot easier to sew the felt using an embroidery hoop and then cut it out, rather than to try holding and sewing a wee scrap of fabric.

Next I made the heart. To do this, mark up and cut out a heart shape from a scrap of cardboard. You can double up the card if it’s quite thin. Then glue some toy padding to one side of the heart shape. This gives it a nice thick squishy feel, but you can leave it out if you want. Then take another piece of fabric, slightly larger than the heart, and cover the padded side with it, gluing it down on the underside. I started with the v-shape dip at the top of the heart, which made sure there were no nasty folds of fabric. I chose a fabric that matched the dress I wore. Yup, it did take a while to find a matching colour (you can’t quite see in the pic but it’s a fiddly ‘Is it blue? Is it purple’ colour) but it was worth it, I think.

I then used the heart as a template to mark up and cut out another heart from black felt. I stuck this to the back of the heart to cover up the messy underside. Then I simply sewed the netting and the comb to the back of the heart, making sure that both were a position that would look good once it was on.

I felt little bubbles of excitement every time I looked at those embroidered names in the run up to the big day! It’s a bit sad that the fascinator’s life was so short-lived — I realise I’d look like some kind of couple stalker if I ever chose to wear it again — but it burned brightly before snuffing it. In fact, the wedding guests papped it so often it felt famous!

Here’s me doing a trial run of the fascinator and hair do (I went for victory rolls in the top section of hair and loose curls in the bottom).


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