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Lola loves… Embroidered baby grows

There are so many cute presents you can buy for a baby or expectant parent, but they will never mean as much as something handmade and personal.

As you’ll see from my other posts, making baby items is so rewarding it becomes a little addictive; not only does it give you pleasure producing and giving something so cute, but it’s great to know they will be used and appreciated.

Embroidering is a cheap and relatively quick way to personalise anything from a towel to a jumper, or a bag to brooch. Here I have used Sublime Stitching’s embroidery patterns, which made the process even easier. I will talk more about Sublime Stitching in other posts as it’s a company I thoroughly recommend. The founder, Jenny Hart, creates extremely cute, modern designs that you iron on to fabric and embroider over. Great for those who are creative but a bit artistically challenged.

The kit you buy from Sublime Stitching will give you full instructions but it’s like any other iron on — simply prep your fabric by ironing it (the heat makes the ink take better). Then pop on your design face down and press the hot iron over making sure your design doesn’t slip.

Because the fabric of the baby grow is stretchy I first ironed some Wonderweb onto the back of the fabric to give it some support. I used a 6 inch diameter embroidery hoop and the usual embroidery threads in a range of colours and stitches.

Once I was done, I ironed on another layer of Wonderweb over the old patch. This secured all the threads and gave a neat, professional finish and meant baba’s tiny fingers would not get caught up in any loose threads.

  • A warning here! When ironing the second piece of Wonderweb make sure it is bigger and completely covers the first patch or the iron will melt the webbing that’s already there making dirty marks on your fabric and your iron.

The designs I’ve here are re-useable. I used them on a patchwork baby blanket and a blanket I embroidered as a wedding gift, so you will see them pop up a lot on this blog!

Freebie alert! You can get a free download of Sublime Stitching’s totes amaze retro tattoo patterns here from Mollie Makes craft magazine. Enjoy!


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