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Lola loves… an easy-to-make owl doorstop

Meet Charlie. He’s my easy-to-assemble felt doorstop. Lover of open space and cool breezes, he stops dead any squeaking or slamming doors with his mighty owlness. Want one (twit) twoo? Here’s what’s to do…

What you will need:

Material scraps for the  features
A selection of button
Needle and thread / sewing machine
Filling (I used dried butter beans)

Mark one side of your owl shape on felt, fold the felt in half and cut both layers so you have a perfectly symmetric owl shape.

Use this first shape as a template to cut another – now you have your front and back.

Cut shapes for the features (wings, eyes x 3 pieces, beak as shown). Arrange these and your buttons into a design you’re happy with, then take a picture so you can remember where they all go!

Sew on your feature shapes and buttons, then you’re ready to sew the two sides together.

Lay the front of the owl face down onto the back piece of felt, sew round the edge leaving a hole at the bottom.

Turn your owl inside out and fill with something weighty enough to hold a door but not too small that it might leak out of the sides (i.e. rice) – I used dried butter beans.

Sew up the hole, give him a cute name and you’re done!


Living beauty without the need for cruelty to our fluffy friends X

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