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Lola loves… Decorative letters!

I was out with a friend recently when we spotted a stall selling letters — you know the kind, you pick your letters to spell whatever you want and then use it to decorate your home. I had wanted some myself but with an already cluttered home, I opted out. My friend though, was eager for some to decorate the nursery of her soon-to-arrive daughter, Annabelle.

But at £9 a pop, she wasn’t keen on spelling the whole name (£81 for cardboard letters, anyone?) and I knew I could produce the same thing much cheaper. Eager to take on (yet another) craft project, I headed to the local craft shop where these letters in their dull brown form were £3.85 each. That’s more like it!

I used the plain letters I had bought as a template, tracing the shape on the card, then cutting the shape and gluing it to the front and the back. (If you’re trying this, don’t forget you want the letter for the front to be the right way round, and for the back a mirror image).

For the sides, I measured the width of the edge, cut a strip of the same width and glued that all the way around.

I decorated the letters using card and a variety of sequins, but you could use paint, fabric, paper or whatever you fancy — and if they are for a child, why not get them involved too.



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