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Lola loves… Pretty seat cushions

Here’s a chair cushion, a variation on a simple cushion.


To make this, measure the shape of the seat of your chair, this will give you the shape of your cushion. You’ll see mine doesn’t fit perfectly, that’s because I used a pre-made chair cushion as the filler and simply made a cover for it. You could also use foam cut to size instead of a cushion.

With your measurements, draw your hem line into the back of your fabric. Use either a pencil or chalk, depending on what shows up better. The hem line is where you will sew. Then mark your cutting line 1inch out from that.

You will need to measure two pieces, one for each side, or you can measure one strip of fabric that is large enough for both sides (this way means less sewing!)

A good way of checking you have your measurements right is to place the cushion or foam on the fabric, it should meet with the hem line. BUT, don’t forget to accommodate for depth – the thicker your filling, the more fabric you will need!

Choose the side that will face the back of the chair and mark out a flap on this side. This is so you can tuck the flap in like an envelope, making the cover removable for washing. The flap should be about 7inches long. Cut the sides of the flap at a diagonal so that it’s neater and easier to tuck.

You will only need this on the fabric that will cover the top of your cushion – you don’t have to double up on both pieces of fabric.

Cut the fabric along the cutting line. Next sew round the flap to give it a clean hem. Then hem the same side on the other piece of fabric. This is what you will tuck the flap into so it needs to look neat.

Pin the two sides together with back of the fabric facing up on both sides. Then sew the pieces together along the hem line on each side except the one with the flap.

Turn it inside out, stuff it with your cushion or foam and tuck the flap in.

Sew ribbon to the back two corners of your new seat cushion so they can be tied to the back of the chair, otherwise sew a length of ribbon to the middle of two opposite sides, the ribbon can then be tied underneath the chair to keep the cushion in place.

Another way to cover you chair is simply to measure, cut, and staple your fabric over the existing in-built cushion — but you will an industrial stapler for this!



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