Lola loves… Making Girl Guide badges for a retro glamping experience!

Well wow-ee, what a fun weekend I’ve had! I spent it glamping in East Sussex with a bunch of lovely ladies celebrating a friend’s hen do. Just in case you haven’t heard of the craze, glamping (or glamorous camping) brings a whole new, and much classier, interpretation to slumming it in tents.

Our ‘tent’ had a butler sink, eight-seater dinning table and proper beds that are better than the one I have at home. We all had an amazing time, though the bad thing about glamping is that there’s no going back; I will never have the same relationship with a normal tent again.

We had a Girl Guide theme, so I made these badges for the hen to dish out to the girls. I printed images of real Girl Guides badges I found on the internet, which I then transferred onto fabric using the same method I did here. I then backed them with felt and sewed a safety-pin on the back so the girls could put them on straight away.  They looked pretty much like the real thing, which was fun. (Okay, so the DJ badge (headphones) is not an original Girl Guide badge but it was so cool I couldn’t leave it out!)

I also made tags from garden string and thin cardboard, on which I wrote the name of the badge and a suggestion for what a gal might have to do to earn it…  For example, the little blue bird badge is ‘bird watching’ and was awarded to the person who kept an eye over the gals.

I also made a guide belt with purse for the hen to keep the badges in. Another friend made the hen a Girl Guide hat and we each wore vintage scarves and toggles.

Here’s a picture of the delicious afternoon tea the ladies at the campsite laid on for us. (I would love to tell you where it is but selfishly won’t for fear of it getting booked up – I can’t wait to go again!) Ah sigh, if only
we could have stayed there forever!

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8 responses to “Lola loves… Making Girl Guide badges for a retro glamping experience!

  • mancunianvintage

    What a fabulous way to celebrate a hen do! LOVE the badges – so effective.

    Looks like a much more successful trip than the ones from TOWIE went on! (it was the fist time I heard the phrase so now always associate it to that)

    • LolaLovesCraft

      Thanks! Yeah, we had a LOT of fun and although we’re all city slickers we were a bit more hardened to the elements than the TOWIE lot! It made me want to get engaged myself just so I could do it all again! Very funny that a large percentage of the girls had actually been thrown out of the guides when they were young too — who knew Brown Owl was so militant?!

  • betherina

    That is such an amazing hen party theme! Amazing work on the badges too! So going to try it! X

  • jibberino

    What an awesome idea for a hen do. At my sisters we did fancy pants making but printed photos of the hen onto canvas and sewed those on. Craft hen do’s rock.

  • LolaLovesCraft

    Mancunian Village,

    Brilliant, huh?! Ahh, I feel too mean to shame them on a full post but one got thrown out for setting a tent on fire (didn’t bode well for boozy hen camping but we were safe and she assured us it was an accident). The other got ‘asked to leave’ for being a bit too bossy. She’s paid to be a boss now. Thinking about it, the Guides always were a bit anti-women’s lib.

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