Lola loves… Easy to make polymer clay brooches

Whoop, I’ve rediscovered polymer clay and I feel like a kid again! Here’s one of many bits I’ve been working on…

To make this skull brooch, I pressed polymer clay into an ice cube tray and baked on a low heat. It’s as simple as that, but before you try it yourself here’s a few tips.

What you will need:
Silicone ice cube tray (or mould specifically for polymer clay)
Polymer clay (I used Fimo in pearlised white)
Varnish, clear nail varnish will do — optional
Brooch fitting
Glue (I used two-part resin, Araldite)
Cutting mat
Rotary trimmer

Tips for using polymer clay:

  • Warm the clay by rubbing between your palms first — this will make it more pliable.
  • Push the clay into any cracks of your mould and smooth over using an orange stick (or cuticle stick).
  • If you’re using an ice cube tray, don’t fill the mould all the way — unless you want a very thick brooch!
  • Check that your ice cube tray is okay to use in the oven. Be warned crafters, not all that bends is silicone — and if it’s not silicone it’ll melt when you cook it! (As I’ve found out myself!) Check the pack but if you’re not sure, bend it — if it looks clear or looses colour it isn’t silicone and is likely to melt.
  • If you’re careful you can use the ice cube tray as a mould, turning out the clay before cooking.
  • To harden the clay, cook on 110C/ 230F for 30 minutes and leave it to cool.
  • I prefer the matte effect but once cool you can varnish it. Fimo produces its own hardening varnish, though other crafters often use clear nail varnish to the same effect.

Once finished, I attached the brooch back and covered the reverse side in felt. Here’s how to do this bit:

  • Place the skull on top of felt and place both on your cutting mat. Trim round the skull using your rotary trimmer (or scalpel blade) so you have a piece of felt the same size as the brooch.
  • Cut two small holes large enough for the hinge and clasp of the brooch to fit through.
  • Pass the brooch back through the holed felt and stick both to the reverse side of the skull. Clamp with clothing pegs and leave to dry.

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4 responses to “Lola loves… Easy to make polymer clay brooches

  • hellkatdesigns

    It looks great! Aren’t silicone trays the best? Also great to use them with resin – just mix up the resin and pour it into the silicone trays to set.

    • LolaLovesCraft

      Sure are, I’ve bought quite a few recently. I’ve not tried resin yet but that’s def next on the list. How easy is it to mix/ get air bubbles out?

      • hellkatdesigns

        It all depends what type of resin you use – different brands have different catalyst ratios, and then there are dyes as well. A lot of the time I will just use a basic 1:1 clear epoxy resin as it’s easy to handle. Just mix up equal parts in a plastic cup. I like to set random things in the resin and see how they turn out once it’s all set. Think glitter, beads, paper, pigments etc.

        Blowing with a straw gets a lot of bubbles out, and a lot of the time I end up grabbing a needle and either pop the bubbles or fish them up to the surface out of the resin. Depends how vigorously you stir when mixing!

      • LolaLovesCraft

        Thanks for the great tips! I like easy so will go with a 1:1 epoxy resin like you suggested. Love the idea of adding things too – adding a charm or button or something to just a basic shape could look really good. Cheers!

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