Lola loves… Frittata and Spanish style bread

What you will need:
Frying pan
7x eggs
1x onion
3x small potatoes
Olive oil
Rock salt
Bread roll
1x tomato
Olive oil
Rock salt

Two homegrown crafts grabbed my attention during a recent trip to Barcelona, both of which the country is famous for — Gaudi’s work and local food. If you ever get a chance to visit Barcelona I throughly recommend taking a picnic of tapas to Gaudi’s Park Guell where you can experience some of his breath-taking  architecture. Sadly, you can’t take it home as a memento — which is why I cooked myself up some Spanish omelette, or frittata (as it’s also known) and Spanish-style tomato-rubbed bread last night instead.

This dish is very simple but if done properly it tastes delicious and is a world away from your more familiar omelette. The tricks to remember (a local told me) are plenty of eggs, plenty of oil and to fold in the sides of the egg regularly.

The other key is the ingredients. I often find that other parts of Europe have much superior fruit and vegetables — everything is so much tastier and more juicy — and it really makes a difference. So, wherever you are, get the best ingredients that you can.

For the Frittata:
Heat the oven to warm your bread.
Cut your potato into thin slices and boil until cooked.
Meanwhile, slice and fry an onion until soft.
Once the potatoes are done, drain them and add them to a well-oiled frying pan. Add the onion.
Beat your eggs together and add a generous pinch of salt and pepper.
Add the eggs to the pan and cook on a low heat, folding the edges of the egg in so that sides come away from the pan and the frittata has nice round edges.
Place the bread in the oven to warm for five to 10 minutes.
Meanwhile, keep folding the edges of the frittata until the top is almost done. Keeping the frittata in the pan, place a plate of top, then flip it over so the frittata is in the plate. Slip it back into the pan to cook the other side. You may want to repeat this process a few times.
Once cooked and left to cool slightly, cut the frittata, sprinkle with paprika and drizzle with oil.

For the bread:
While your bread is warming and frittata cooking, cut a large tomato in quarters, gather your olive oil and lightly crush some rock salt in a pestle and mortar.
When the bread is ready, take it out and cut it in half. Rub each half with the tomato, letting the juice, flesh and pips soak into the bread. Use half a tomato for each side of the roll.
Cut the left over tomato and serve with the frittata and bread. Or, if serving as part of a tapas, add olives, manchego cheese, salad and pan-fried chorizo. Yum!

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