Lola loves… Nail art tutorials

Have you seen these newspaper nails on Pinterest? (originally posted by French website, La passion du nail art) There are so many great nail art tuts and ideas on the web, I thought I’d give a brief review of a few.

Newspaper nails
Newspaper nails are so easy to do. Paint your nails with a colour that contrasts with black so the text will show. Pinterest told me to then wipe my nails with alcohol. White wine didn’t work (tragically I had bought a whole bottle, whatever would I do with it?) My second attempt was whisky, which I can confirm, is now an approved tool for newspaper nails!

Next, press a scrap of newspaper onto the nail. (I damped the back of the paper with whisky to make sure it worked.) Slowly peel it off and repeat on all nails. Add a clear top coat to protect it.

I’m chuffed with my nails although this is a first attempt – I’m hoping the next set will be slightly less smudged.

Zig Zag talons at the Dainty Squid
Want more ideas for crafty nails? Well, while the world went nuts for Zooey Deschannel’s Tuxedo nails (okay, kudos) you may have missed The Dainty Squid‘s weekly tuts.

She has lots of ideas to try out. Strawberries, or a whole galaxy on each nail? Yes, you can have it thanks to the very cool and dainty lady.

I tried her zig-zig nails. Just cut Scotch tape with pinking shears, tape it to your pre-painted nails and paint a contrasting layer over the top! It’s a great way to finish the dregs of old nail varnish.

Next I’ll try it with three colours!

Mock Croc nails with Barry M
Here is Barry M’s  Croc Effect nail varnish, which you can pick up for £3.99 and is similar to crackle varnish.

Simply paint over your base (don’t let the base dry fully before painting but it should be dry to the touch) and then watch it crack! The effect is great for the minimal time, effort and money involved. I can’t wait to try different base colours!

Below are a few more I’ve found on Pinterest. I think the paper plane one would look great with a needle instead. Have you seen any you like? Let me know what you’ve tried lately!

P.S. If you like the bird ring in the photo above I’ll be posting on how I made that soon!

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