Lola loves… An embroidered birthday card and fabric envelope

It was my good friend’s 30th birthday recently and I knew I wanted to make something a bit spesh and personal so I decided on a homemade card and envelope. I filled it with a meal voucher for a local restaurant for herself and her fella. A mutual friend of ours sent her an ASOS voucher for a pretty dress for the evening. Thankfully, she was very chuffed with her goodies so I thought I’d pass on how I made the card and envelope.

What you will need:

A photo of your bessie/ loved-one / victim
An iron-on transfer pencil
A selection of embroidery threads
An embroidery hoop
Fabric for your envelope and another piece for the lining
A popper
The card

First off, find a nice picture of the person you are making the card for, or you could use an image of something they like, or perhaps a photo of special day you spent together. Facebook is great for this as you can scour through their photos as well as yours.

Once you’ve printed off your photo place, a piece of tracing paper (or baking paper) over it and trace round the image with an iron on transfer pencil. (Not sure what this is? Have a look here, they’re a cheap and easy way of tracing onto fabric.) Try not to draw too much detail as your picture will look too heavy and messy.

Next, place the tracing paper with the pencil lines face down onto the felt and iron over it – this will iron the image onto your fabric but remember it will be in reverse! If you want it the same way round you have to trace it, flip it over and trace it again.

Then put your felt into an embroidery hoop and sew over the marked lines. I added a frame just for the sake of prettiness.

When you’re done sewing, cut your felt a little larger than the size of your card (you can use a real card or just a folded piece of card from a craft shop. This is the bit you will write on.) Next, take another piece of card and measure and cut it so it is the same size as the front of the card you will write on. Stick the felt onto this single piece of card and clip it in place with clothes pegs (see the photo below). Once its dry, stick that piece to the front of the folded card and you’re done.

The envelope

I ironed an image from Sublime Stitching onto a matching piece of felt and embroidered that in contrasting colours, adding the birthday girl’s name. You could simply sew the name on, encase it in a heart or add an image of your own choosing.

I also added a felt stamp with 30 embroidered onto it – a sweet way of incorporating the birthday girl or boy’s age. For the edging I stuck the numbered blue felt to some grey felt and cut that with pinking shears to create the zig-zag effect.

Making the envelope itself is slightly more fiddly but there a quite a few online posts showing various ways, for example Sew, mama sew did it beautifully, though by another method. I did it by measuring and cutting a rectangular piece of (red and white check) fabric, and then cutting a v-shape from one of its widest sides, this makes the shape for the back of the envelope.

I then took another piece of matching fabric and measured and cut a rectangle of the same size but with an extra triangle shape added to its widest side, this makes the shape for the front of the envelope and the flap (see below).

Make sure your fabric is as large the as card, plus an inch or so for the hem allowance.

I then sewed the stamp and the name tag onto the outer fabric (red and white check) for the front of the envelope. I also embroidered the letters S.W.A.L.K (sealed with a loving kiss) onto the outer fabric for the back of the envelope.

Once I had those two shapes I used the fabric as a template to cut another piece of each shape in another fabric (pink), which became the lining.

Take the outer fabric and lining for the front of the envelope and lay them on top of each other  with the faces meeting. Then sew around all sides bar the bottom and turn it inside out. Do the same with the other two pieces.

Placing the front and back sections together to make the envelope, pin in place making sure the bottom (where you have not sewn together) is tucked under neatly. Sew round the two sides and the bottom (obviously leaving the top flap section) and you have your envelope! I added a button to secure it, though you could add a button and buttonhole.

It’s not quite as complicated as it sounds but if you have any problems such message me and I’m sure I can explain!

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