Lola loves… Making cushions

During those blissful May Bank holidays I went cushion mad! I made about 20! Most of them were simple cushions made with interesting fabric (I can recommend Ikea or charity shops if you can be bothered to hunt), but a variation was to decorate plain fabric, in my case some unused pillow covers. Here’s what I did…

First, I cut the fabric to the size I wanted, measuring it to make sure it was right. (Here I should add that pillow cases are great for this as some sides will already be sewn and you can simply halve or quarter the case to get the size you want).


Then, using a template, I traced round and cut the shape of a bird from some coloured fabric.


I then arranged the birds and pinned them to the fabric, after which I drew the shape of a branch onto different fabric, cut and pinned that. (I found arranging the birds first helped me work out what shape I wanted for the branch).


Then it’s simply a case of sewing the shapes in place and finishing with a few buttons for decoration. I went for large ‘rustic’ (read lazy) stitches and also glued some rhinestones I’d picked off a formerly tacky t-shirt.

Next, turn the fabric over so the decoration is face down, the other side may already be attached, if not lay it on top. Then Mark your hem line, pencil is fine if using light fabric, chalk if not (as it can be washed or brushed off). If you’re wobbly on the sewing machine I recommend drawing a line 1inch in from the side. Do this all around the edge, pin and sew all but one side (it is best to leave a short side.

Once you’ve done that, turn it inside out so that you have a pocket. Fill this with stuffing (you can use the filling of an old pillow or cushion if you don’t mind hacking it up, or you can buy it pretty cheaply from Amazon). Then just sew the last side turning the edges in first so you get a clean line. Hey presto!

If you like this, also have look at these pretty seat cushions!


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